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Leading Manufacturer & Exporter Of Industrial Globe Valves | Globe Valve, Pressure Seal Valve, Manifold Valve, Cryogenic Valve, Gate Valve, Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Check Valve Suppliers India.

Industrial Globe Valves - Metal Industries Manufacturer of Industrial Globe Valves India, Distributors of Alloy Steel Globe Valves, Carbon Steel Globe Valves, Stainless Steel Globe Valves Mumbai India

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Industrial Globe Valves Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters India

Industrial Pressure Seal Valves Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters IndiaDistributors of Audco Valves in India,

Distributors of Audco Globe Valve, Audco Pressure Seal Valve, Audco Manifold Valve, Audco Cryogenic Valve, Audco Gate Valve, Audco Ball Valve, Audco Butterfly Valve, Audco Check Valve

Industrial Globe Valves Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters India


Globe Valve Features :

Metal Industries globe valves are heavy duty, outside screw & yoke type, bolted bonnet, rising stem and hand wheel. Valves are highly efficient for services requiring frequent operation and throttling. The internal passage within the valve diverts flow through 90º changes of direction resulting in pressure drop and turbulence. The most advanced design features provides the ultimate in dependable, economic flow control. They are available in wide range of sizes and weights. Globe valves are generally considered where moderate control or regulation of flow is required.

Globe valves are adequate for all service media. Valves are marked with flow direction since they are recommended to install with flow and pressure under the disc. It can also be installed in reverse condition depending upon the conditions. The globe valve is generally faster to operate due to less travel. But requires much force to operate compared to gate valves.

Globe Valve Product Range
Size RangeGlobe Valve Class
2" - 24"Globe Valve Class 150
2" - 16"Globe Valve Class 300
2" - 16"Globe Valve Class 600
2" - 12"Globe Valve Class 900
2" - 12"Globe Valve Class 1500
1/2" - 11/2"Globe Valve Class 800
Globe Valve Standards
Globe Valve Design StandardBS 1873
Globe Valve Testing Standard BS EN 12266 – 1
Globe Valve Face To FaceASME B 16.10
Globe Valve End ConnectionFlanged End - ASME B 16.5
 Butt Weld End - ASME B 16.25
Pressure – Temperature ChartASME B 16.34
Globe Valve Operation
Globe Valve OperatorSize Range
Globe Valve Handwheel2” – 10” - Class 150, 300
 2” – 6” - Class 600
 2” – 4” - Class 900, 1500
Globe Valve Gear Operator12” & Above - Class 150 & 300
 8” & Above - Class 900 & 1500
Globe Valve Material:- 
STRUCTUREEnd Connection Flanged End Raised Face, Butt Weld End, RTJ,. ETC
Operation Hand wheel, Gear Operator, Electrical Actuator, Pneumatic, Hydraulic
MATERIALShell WCB, WC1, WC6, WC9, LCB, LCC, LC3, C5, C12, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, CF8C, CN7M, CD4MCu, Hastelloy, Inconel, Duplex Stainless Steel
Trim 13% Cr Steel, 304 , 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 347, F51, Monel

We are exporting Industrial Globe Valves to more than 40 countries like UAE, EGYPT, TURKEY, uae, saudi arabia, qatar, oman, malaysia, sinagapore, indonesia, sudan, israel, south africa, kenya, Malaysia, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, yemen, Kuwait, Argentina, Palestin, Algeria, Italy, Tunisia, Oman, Mauritania, USA, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Canada, Vietnam, INDIA, Sudan, Syria, Morocco, Libya, Jordon, And many more..

we also have our sales representatives to understand the requirements of our clients, we maintain ready stock of Industrial Globe Valves in Cities like uae, saudi arabia, qatar, oman, malaysia, sinagapore, indonesia, sudan, israel, south africa, kenya & many more...

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